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Kremyr Chassis Works specializes in fabricating AC Cobras and other one-of-a-kind vehicles including the Daytona Coupe and others.

We fabricate nearly everything on these cars in-house, from the ground up chassis to the fuel tanks, radiators, steering columns, suspension, hubs, 3 piece wheels and hand laid bodies. Most of our hand made, custom built parts are also available for sale.

Having been heavily involved with some of Ford’s most exciting vehicles it only made sense to now offer the best Ford ever made – the legendary GT40.  Please see our GT section at the bottom of this page for details or look on our Projects page for photos of the GT40 as well as detailed photos of many of our completed projects.


Perhaps one of these cars is your dream car. If so, WE can make it happen!

We do not offer kits or kit cars. However; if you are interested in making your kit car one of a kind, our hand made parts are the way to separate yours from the rest.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Kremyr Chassis Works has partnered with CAV to offer a modern-day remake of the iconic  Le Mans winning Ford GT40. 
Also have a look at our new site completely dedicated to the GT40 offering - CAVGT Canada.


Our site completely dedicated to the GT40.

The CAV GT is the 21st century recreation of the GT40, modified for comfort and performance for the discerning driver.  None of the original’s hallmark features have been compromised in the quest for an enhanced driving experience.

Starting with a basic chassis and body from CAV, Kremyr Chassis Works can create a finished car customized to your requirements and specifications.


The GT40 Story

In 1963 Henry II wanted to revive the Ford image realize his ambition of creating a winner at Le Mans under the Ford badge. And so, with the weight of the Ford Empire behind him and the tenacity to continue undaunted, Henry II looked to build this dream.   Ford Advanced Vehicles was created with the sole purpose of designing and developing a supreme racing car that would speed to victory at Le Mans. The dream was finally realized in 1966 when on June 18 - not one, not two - but three GT40s sped over the finishing line at Le Mans. Ford sped to victory every year after that until 1969.